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Welcome to TeaDrinkers 404! Otherwise known as 'Tea Drinkers Anonymous'. This is a community for the coupling of Cid Highwind and Shera from Final Fantasy VII. We're open to any fans of this relationship! Some of the things you can share are: fanart, fanfictions, poetry, music files and many more! Ask questions about the game, make a poll, go nuts! As long as it's about Cid 'n Shera, you're golden. Please read on for rules, posting quirks, and etcetera.

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meiko_matsui & eleisons
Respect them, or they won't respect you!

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Tea Drinkers Anonymous has open membership. Of course, if you'd like to be a mod, that is a different story. Mods will be handpicked by the main mods, and only on their whim. In other words, don't ask like a moron, because you won't get it!

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aeriscult - maintained by meiko_matsui & serria
anime_yousendit - maintained by historyblitz

If you would like to be an affiliate, please post in the community with the subject line saying, "Affiliate Request". Thanks!

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Promotion of other communities in TeaDrinkers Anonymous is encouraged under terms. The community must be somewhat related to FFVII/FFVII:AC, Cid Highwind, Shera, or Kingdom Hearts. Roleplay communities are welcome! All communties posted will be checked, and if not meeting these standards, the posts will be deleted.

If you would like to pimp this community, however, GO CRAZY!

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  • Be nice. Do not harass other members.
  • In case of unnoticed harrassment - Report it to the mods. We do not tolerate it. How bad the harassment is will determine the punishment or possibly banning.
  • dO NoT TyPE LIk3 ThiS! It’s annoying, m’kay? It’ll just be taken down. Comment or entry.
  • Harassing the community or Cid, Shera, or CidXShera will get your post/comment taken down. Why would you join if you wanted to just harass? That would make you just down right mean! It also defeats the purpose of joining.
  • Advent Children spoilers will have to go under an LJ-Cut. No excuses or exclusions. We wouldn’t be so strict but thanks to trolls we've learned a thing or two.
  • When posting pictures, fanfiction, spoilers, etc. please put it under an LJ-Cut. This prevent layout-stretching, slow load times, etc.
  • To make sure we know you’ve read the rules - When posting for the first time, put the following as the first sentence: “I'm (insert your name) and I've been a Tea-A-Holic for (insert a number of years)”. You only have to do this once.
  • Feel free to make a short post introducing yourself. That should cover the rule right above this one. :)
  • Failure to follow rules will result in banning.

    Current Community Events

    Fanfic Contest Deadline ;; June 12th, 2006

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