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hellou!!^^ nice to meet ya!!^__^

I'm entire new here!^^ My name is cameko, I'm from germany and I've been a tea-a-holic since I saw Cid and Shera in the FF7 game...yeah, I love the pairing CidxShera so much^-^ I think Cid an Shera are so authentical^^ That's because I like them^^
In our german final fantasy-forums there is no community for this pairing..-.- What a pity!xD
So...I drew a lot of Cid and Shera fanart but my scanner went completely broken!T_T I want to upload them on deviantart^^

Maybe there is someone who understand the german language?^^ Or someone from germany? I'm glad that I found a communitiy who like this lovely pairing^^
Anyway...and sorry for my (maybe) bad english._. I don't often use this language-^^- but I'm trying hard to communicate with you^^

See ya!^^



Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share this cute little video I found on YouTube the other day...


I know it's reeeally short, but it still packs enough tea for all of us, ne? =D Hope you like it as much as I did! <3

Dojinshi reupload?

Looong time ago two Cid x Shera - Dojinshi were posted to this community, but the links are too old and don't work anymore. :'D

So would anyone mind re-uploading? You would make a fangirl very happy.


HI. This is Jo, one of your MIA mods speaking!

Basically, I'd like to ask if you guys have any suggestions on stirring some life into this community? The particular reason that I haven't been active is that I've generally fallen out of fandom, but I'm planning on replaying FFVII soon.

I've noticed that a lot of people are posting fanfics, which is great! The only sad thing about it is how little feedback they get from here... (I hope everyone at least still has a pulse.)

Fic: To have and to hold

Here are another set of five Cid/Shera drabbles, snippets exploring their relationship through the years.

Title: To have and to hold
Characters: Cid/Shera, Yuffie, Cloud
Rating: G
Notes: Based on FFVII original game canon, no warnings or spoilers.

To have and to hold

Umm.. Hi.

I'm new *waves*, both to this communitity and this paticular fandom. (Long story short, my RPG group rewatched AC, I said something about wishing they'd remake the game for a system I actually had, somebody lent me thier old PS1, am addicted and squeeing over Cid.)This is so my FF VII OTP.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that fanfiction.net has just listed Shera as a character sorting option.

I am working on a fic, but I'm not the best person on finishing them.

Megan AKA wise_one_in_hel AKA RhiannonAmaris

Fanfiction? Kind of.

Title: [Not worksafe yet. I even doubt it ever gets one. :'D]
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns them all.
Ratings: PG-13, for language
Characters: Cid, mentions of Shera; Sephiroth and the rest
Wordcount: 1.035
Summary: Cid finds enlightenment and muses. Shortly after the game.
Author's Note: A friend gave me the prompt "a line between love and hate" and I used it eventually for Zoro x Tashigi from One Piece, but a plot bunny made me think about it in the Cid x Shera context. It's not a real fic, just something to gather my thoughts. Let's see if I'm getting Cid wrong. :D
And don't forget to scold me for my grammar mistakes. :3

Read on here at my journal. :D
Title: Agnus Dei
Chapter: Oneshot
Ratings: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Shera did not travel to war with Cid during Dirge of Cerberus. What was she doing instead?
Author's note: Didn't see anything against more... adult themes here. >.> Woohoo. Also, Dirge of Cerberus Spoilers.

Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.Collapse )

Hello and Fanfiction

Hi there. I'm saboten_san and I've been a Tea-A-Holic for... um.. not this long, since I've started playing FFVII maybe two months ago? But I love tea, my favorites are earl grey, green tea and peppermint. |D

While playing I fell in love with Cid, Shera and their relationship, unfortunately fandom is never kind to me. So I was searching kind of desperatly for fanstuff. I mean, the couple is canon but the yaoi and shonen-ai writers seem to be more active. What made my inner fangirl sad. Very sad.
Don't get the wrong picture, I hate bashing. It's just that there is never much stuff to the couples I like. On my brave journey avoiding tons of Valenwind and others I finally found this community, after skipping it a few times on the intrest list. You guys are pretty hard to find. :'D (Or I am too dense to see the hints.)

However, I hope we get along well. :3

One last thing to mention: I am from Germany, therefore English is not my native language. I still have my problems with grammar and tenses, so feel free to point out my mistakes. I want to improve for writing better fanfiction. Thanks in advance. :D

Not my first fanfiction, but my first attempt at CidxShera and writing in English. No need to hold back the crit.

Title: On fractured paper wings you can't fly high
Disclaimer: Square Enix owns them all.
Ratings: PG-13, for language? :'D
Characters: Cid, Shera
Wordcount: 508
Summary: Pre-Game, after rocket launch. Shera's at the hospital and Cid visits her.
Author's Note: It ought to be a drabble, but it grew.

On to the ficCollapse )

[Fic]- Ghost (Pre-Game, PG)

Title: Ghost
Chapter: Oneshot
Ratings: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own.
Summary: Pre-Game. Soon after the "26 incident".
Author's Note: Bad day. It shows. Inspired by a pic of HE03's that I found on dA a while ago and... bugger, I can't find it now. Arg.

All around me are familiar faces, worn-out places, worn-out faces...Collapse )

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